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Counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals continues to grow throughout the world. While it's difficult to measure the extent of the problem given the variety of information sources, it is estimated that over $75B of pharmaceuticals sold throughout the world are counterfeit.  While counterfeiting techniques grow more and more sophisticated, the tools to combat counterfeits must stay one step ahead.


Veracity Network's Secure Pharma Chain division provides four layers of protection against counterfeits with our Secure Pharma solution for manufacturers, distributors, return companies, re-packagers and dispensers. Each of the four layers can be mixed and matched to provide optimum flexibility to meet any customer requirement. The core layer is based on our XT250 Pharmaceutical Screening System, which allows virtually anyone, anywhere along the supply chain to easily and quickly verify the drug contents, even while the product is sealed inside its original packaging. Our patented technology combines the penetration power of x-rays with forensic analysis to verify the molecular structure "fingerprint" of the product. Once the pharmaceutical contents inside have been verified, the second layer of protection can secure the product with a anti-tamper seal.  The third layer of protection provides a unique serial number to each pharmaceutical product which allows accurate tracking and reporting throughout the supply chain. Serialization also helps deter diverted and duplicated product by comparing the shipping and receiving databases to ensure valid transfers and sales take place. The fourth layer of protection, Beyond Pedigree, tracks the history of each product through the supply chain. This includes any intermediate transfers or sales, molecular screening test results and the assigned serial number for the product. The pedigree information is available on-line through any web browser on our Secure Pharma Network (SPN).  



Contact us to learn more on how you can protect your customers, your brand, and yourself against counterfeits.  Additionally, learn how you can generate revenue and increase profit that will more than cover the cost of our solutions.





Take a good look at the two pills to the right. One pill is real and the other pill is counterfeit. Can you tell which one is the real pill? Well we can...and we can do it without removing it from the original sealed bottle in as little as 20 seconds. 









Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering, the real pill is the one on the left side.


real or fake


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