Veracity Network Management
Brian Mayo:
President and Chief Executive Officer
Al Gapsch:
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. William E. Mayo: Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

Marc Rosenblatt: Director of Sales & Marketing

Charles Dozier: Principal Scientist




Brian Mayo
President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Mayo portrays corporate leadership and innovation throughout his 25 years experience in the electronics industry.   Mr. Mayo was Founder, President, and CEO of XStream Sytems, which commercialized the first EDXRD system for pharmaceutical applications. Mr. Mayo also was Founder, President and CEO of Ingenuity Designs, specializing in networking products, monitoring and airport security solutions.  He also was instrumental in another successful  start-up, Ardent Communications, which was a pioneer in the networking industry integrating voice, video, and data traffic (VOIP). He has enjoyed success in senior management and technical positions at some of the world’s leading technology companies, including Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments, Digital Equipment Corporation, Teradyne, and Nortel Networks.

Mr. Mayo’s visionary thinking led to the development of the communications industry’s first data networking switches as well as the testing industry’s first circuit simulation using behavioral language. Mr. Mayo has authored and co-authored a number of patents. Mr. Mayo holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University along with post-graduate studies in Operations Management at Cornell University and Boston University.

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Dr. William E. Mayo

Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mayo, Chairman and Co-Founder, provides his expertise in energy dispersive x-ray technology to Veracity Network.  He served as full professor in the Ceramics and Materials Science Department at Rutgers University for over twenty-five years.  His research and teachings focused on materials science technologies based on x-ray technology. Dr. Mayo authored a number of patents, most of which have focused on dispersive x-ray technology. He is widely known as an expert on x-ray technologies and serves in two editorial positions dealing with archiving x-ray fingerprints for organic and inorganic materials. As a foremost expert in the materials science field, Dr. Mayo has testified as expert witness in many trials.  

In addition to his academic work, Dr. Mayo has founded and served in executive positions within several successful x-ray based companies, including BA Associates, H&M Analytical Services, and NanoPac Technologies. Dr. Mayo holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degree from Carnegie-Mellon and a PhD from Rutgers University. Prior to joining the faculty at Rutgers, Dr. Mayo also served as a Post Doctoral Fellow at Bell Laboratories. Prior to his work in academia, Dr. Mayo worked in the engineering field for industrial corporations such as Harry Diamond Labs, TRW, and Olin.

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Al Gapsch
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gapsch has over 35 years of professional technical management experience. Prior to Veracity Network, Mr. Gapsch was owner and managed an independent consulting group, Technical Solutions. Mr. Gapsch successfully developed technology for quality monitoring in real time production, using innovative multi-spectral technology techniques. Prior to consulting Mr. Gapsch served as Vice President of Emerge Interactive from its inception through its initial public offering. His role included product development from concept to customer delivery. Mr Gapsch led diverse applications for the US government, commercial maritime operations, banking industry, and animal diagnostics.  

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Marc Rosenblatt
Director of Sales & Marketing

Mr Rosenblatt has a proven track record of developing strategic markets, successful negotiations, and leading sales teams in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including industry leaders Inmar and EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp. Mr. Rosenblatt successfully managed sales accounts of pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and government agencies. Mr Rosenblatt possesses a strong analytical background with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Hofstra University.


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Charles Dozier
Principal Scientist

Charles Dozier, Principal Scientist, has over 35 years of experience with NASA and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). His primary experience has been in x-ray diffraction and fluorescence in several applications. His research included the use of x-ray technologies in weapons development, plasma physics, radiation hardened microelectronics, dosimetry and other material sciences. He is the author of over 60 scientific papers, a number of which have been seminal works in their fields.

Mr. Dozier holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Wake Forest University. He also has additional training in Materials Science from the University of Maryland. While at NRL, Mr. Dozier served as an advisor to the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in the development of x-ray lithography.

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