Veracity Network, Inc. provides innovative solutions for the detection of hidden materials of interest. Whether you require detection of counterfeit drugs in sealed bottles with next generation products and services from our Secure Pharma Chain division, detection of hidden explosives in airport luggage with products and services from our Secure Homeland division, or would simply like to discuss a customized solution tailored specifically to your needs from our R&D group, XStream Systems, Veracity Network, Inc. is your valued partner.  The core of all of our products and services is based on patented technology which combines the high penetration power of x-rays with forensic analysis.  All our solutions are automated so that virtually anyone, anywhere can easily and quickly identify materials of interest, even when those materials are concealed in containers.  Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.



Just reading major news headlines lately, it’s easy to think of “what ifs." What if we could put a stop to counterfeit pharmaceuticals… what if we could screen imported products, before they get into consumer's hands… what if you could get immediate answers to your concerns?


The answers to many “what ifs” in the pharmaceutical industry are found in the products from our Secure Pharma Chain division. Even through sealed packaging, our solution can scan the molecular crystal structure of materials. Within seconds, after collecting the molecular fingerprint of the sample, it's automatically analyzed for authenticity - accurately and easily.


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